Loving the rain

Living here in New Mexico we get the experience of the monsoons.  This morning coming to the office I noticed everything was so clean and the air smelled fresh.  What a beautiful day.  Living in the desert, I’ll never complain about “too much rain” because that is one natural resource we can’t get enough of.  It can wreak havoc on your carpet however.  Kids and dogs LOVE the rain!  When they come in, either invited or otherwise, they can bring in more than soggy clothes.  If you find your carpet, tile, rugs or furniture have become soiled due to the weather, the best thing is to allow the soil to dry completely.  You might be surprised at how much of it you can vacuum away.  However, if that doesn’t get you back to good, give us a call.  Leaving dirt in your carpet will create more abrasion to the fibers as you walk across which contributes to re-soiling.   Carpet manufacturers recommend you vacuum your carpet at least three times per week.  We’ve have very diligent customers who vacuum their carpets every day and after 8,10 even 12 years their carpets look almost new.  So remember, the more you vacuum the more life your carpet will have and the longer it will stay clean once you’ve invested in a thorough, professional cleaning.  Enjoy the rain and call us if you need us.

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